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Alpha – Omega – Questionnaire

to determine your Nutritional Type according to the book
“The Power of Timing” by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe

  • Yes, please determine my Nutritional Type
*Required information.
4. I am happy with my weight
4a. If not, I feel I weigh too much by about ......... kg

5. After a meal, I feel almost always tired

6. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with back pain, which usually disappears after a while

7. I like sweets

8. Normally I prefer several small meals a day rather than a few large meals

9. I usually prefer one or two larger meals a day instead of eating several times

10. As a child I especially liked to eat: Pastries and sweets

11. As a child I especially liked to eat: Meats, burgers and sausage products

12. In my childhood I was very fond of butter

13. As a child I was considered overweight

14. My favorite foods and dishes currently include:
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15.The following foods or drinks I would never do without?
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16. What foods and drinks do not agree with you on a regular basis?
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17. What food and drinks do you consume daily?
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Other observations:
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Alpha-Omega-evaluation    US $ 25.00

GROUPS / FAMILIES discount: If you order evaluations for several people at the same time, you will automatically receive a group or family discount: For 2-5 people € 23.00 each, from 6 persons upwards 21.00 per evaluation.

PAYMENT: We accept personal checks or Paypal. Please understand that we can do this time-consuming work only with advance payment. Thank you!

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