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Nutrition according to Your Personal Nutritional Type - a Pillar of Good Health

Many readers of our book “The Power of Timing” have told us how wonderfully the simple the Dieting in Harmony with the Lunar Calendar works and how often it has helped even in desperate cases.

Particularly striking was how grateful the suggestions were put into practice concerning your individual nutritional type Alpha and Omega. Crucial for the transition to a healthy nutrition without “dieting stress” is the knowledge of one's nutritional type. Only then is becoming and staying healthy by one’s own resources an easily achievable goal. This holds true even if you eat only organic food without protein from animal sources! Only when you know your Nutritional Type the adventure “Healthy Eating in Everyday Life" can be a successful enterprise.

Our work in this area now bears fruit and every day we look forward to positive letters and the encouraging echo. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to recognize one’s own Nutritional Type right away, especially after decades of habituation to certain foods. So here's our double service:

* An extensive text on the Nutritional Types Alpha & Omega. With its help, you almost certainly will be able to identify it on your own.

* Only if reading and personal experience leave doubts behind (perhaps because you are one of the very rare "Intermediary Types"), we can help you for a small fee determine your Nutritional Type with a questionnaire you fill out and send to us.

We will email you the result after a few days, combined with a few additional tips for the use of this info in everyday life.

Please keep in mind: This evaluation tells you only what Nutritional Type you are - Alpha or Omega or (very rarely) Intermediary Type. The additional nutritional comments and tips are general in nature. In other words: If you order the evaluation for family members and they belong to the same Nutritional Type, the evaluation will also be identical.