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Welcome to our Website

It is so pleasant to explore Nature and oneself at the same time, doing violence neither to her nor to one’s own spirit, but bringing both into balance in gentle, mutual interaction. (Goethe)

Thank you for visiting our website! We have written our books, so that slowly but surely a little more reason reigns – so that respect for nature, common sense and your own intuition become more important than statistics and cold science. Together we will build a better future for us all.

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The Art of Timing ventures out into the world

Almost all of our books are now available in many other languages, and the number of countries from which we have received „letters to the editor“ has now risen to 60! (20 years ago that would have made for a very colorful stamp collection).

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Watch & Listen

TV shows, Radio contributions, Podcasts – Johanna & Thomas want to present you here with an opportunity, to watch and listen to media appearances you might have missed or want repeated.
We will keep uploading soon, so simply drop by once in a while.

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Nutrition according to Your Personal Nutritional Type - a Pillar of Good Health

Many readers of our book “The Power of Timing” have told us how wonderfully the simple the Dieting in Harmony with the Lunar Calendar works and how often it has helped even in desperate cases.